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“Exceptional, enthusiastic and focused, Clara provides proven as well as innovative ideas to any team project.  Her strategic thinking on a variety of BioMedical and GreenTechnology projects was impressive.  She brings intelligence and exceptional perceptive to all project needs, not found often in the industry.”

Elizabeth Garibay
Practice Administration / Graduate Medical Education
Charles A. Garcia, M.D., P.A. / The Retinal Vascular Center

“As I have progressed in my career, I quickly realized that I needed assistance from an expert to get me into the “C” suite.  I have had the opportunity of working with Clara Chow.  Clara guided me through every step of the process and what was important is that she was always available, via phone, email and in person as well to coach and guide me through a process that is very competitive.  Clara brought the added expertise that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. “

Apurva Mehta
Associate CIO, University of Massachusetts – Boston

“The coaching I received has been very impactful and has assisted in shaping my management style through my career. Clara provided me with key insights to help guide me through many complex management issues involving greener staff members.  Her thoughtful approach in talent management has assisted me in further developing my leadership and conflict resolution skills.”

Lily Levich
Area Activation Manager, Pernod Ricard USA

“I worked with Clara on my MBA applications, targeting several Top 20 MBA programs.  From the start, Clara was incredibly engaged, provided constructive feedback and tips for success. Her approach is well-rounded, starting with the resume and continuing through the interview process and post-interview questions.  Clara's drive for results was paramount to my success, as she was always available and is a seasoned professional in the admissions process.  Clara is a terrific asset to leverage through this journey!”

Admitted into a Top 20 business school

“Clara was the guiding light with my LL.M. (Master of Laws) applications to UC Irvine School of Law, my first law school choice.  Based on my application, I was accepted to UC’s LL.M. Class of 2020 with a merit scholarship.  Clara was instrumental in helping me craft my applications so that it would standout to the Admissions Committee.  She really understood my strengths and worked with me to showcase these qualities to the law school.  I think she is an Admissions Committee whisperer, and understands what law schools are looking for from successful candidates.”

Kathy Shen

“When a close acquaintance of mine sought advice in applying to law school, I immediately turned to Clara.  After working with Clara, my friend received an offer to the Juris Doctor program at the NYU School of Law.  Clara takes a holistic approach in advising her students – she worked with my friend in brainstorming and creating a powerful personal statement that emphasized my friend’s unique background and achievements.  Clara also gives clear and thoughtful advice in preparing resumes so that a candidate’s attributes are strongly conveyed to the Admissions Committee.”

Jessica Wilcox, Esquire