“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”  — Eleanor Roosevelt



Coaching – working one-on-one to move the needle in positive professional evolution

Executive – The goal is to tease out natural strengths and to facilitate the enhancement of leadership skills. This is particularly critical for new on-board managers where a successful transition is dependent on the ability to adapt to the new role and culture while discovering personal leadership qualities.  Similarly, for those that are retiring, a transition strategy and plan will lead to a healthier departure and smoother landing.

Staff – Absenteeism and “presenteeism” lead to lower productivity. This can negatively impact the wellness of a company along with the bottom-line.  Coaching individual staff members can help unearth stress points and prevent situations leading to low job satisfaction.  The goal is to give people the opportunity to be introspective, manage the challenges, improve communication channels, and reinvent themselves for a more satisfying work experience.

Team Development and Coaching

Clarity in the mission is not enough to accomplish the objective.  Successful teams understand the importance of relationship building and leveraging one another’s strength to achieve the desired outcomes.  Our Accelerators work individually with team members and team leaders as well as the team as a unit to thrive and flourish.  The goal is to create a synergistic environment where each person is engaged, has a valued voice, and actively contributes.

  • One-on-one discussions to gather information on mental models
  • Insights of strengths and challenges affecting group dynamics
  • Guidance for the team to craft ground-rules and project roadmap
  • Facilitation of team meetings
  • Reflection and evaluation of successes and failures


TTA tailors each training program to address the organization’s needs.  The focus of our training is to help individuals and workgroups create a reinforcing system that can lead to new mental models and eliminate barriers for personal and professional innovation.  We work with you to identify and evaluate the issue(s).  From there, we develop a customized program to advance the organizational wellness.  Our tool box contains interactive workshops and seminars to cultivate positive guiding principles in the workplace.

  • Team building
  • Working dynamic skills – modular topics:
    - Communication
    - Collaboration
    - Working smarter
  • Managing change


There are things that a person can control and things beyond his or her control.  Navigating and managing the controllable requires being introspective and strategic.  It’s just not about finding good opportunities; it is about the ability to create opportunities.

Career strategies

Whether this is your first job, moving up the career ladder, or switching professions, we offer guidance and advisory support throughout your journey.

  • Strategies to target or change career paths
  • Creating a professional image / brand
  • Crafting compelling material:
    - Curriculum Vitae (C.V. or résumé)
    - Cover letter
  • Interviewing skills
  • Networking strategies


There is never a lack of ideas or the desire to launch new products / services.  The issue then becomes one of materializing those ideas and desires.  TTA can help you in your quest to start a business or to raise capital.  With decades of experience in starting a company as well as working with start-ups and emerging companies, we can support you at various venture stages.

  • Business plan evaluations
  • Development of pitch package
  • Pitching strategies and presentation practice sessions
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Branding

Education advisory

As the economic and labor market landscapes change, going back to school may be a personal or professional choice in seeking new skill sets.  We are experienced in working with global clients and helping them navigate through the admission process.

  • Strategies for school selection and personal fit
  • Building relationships with targeted program(s)
  • Application support, including résumé and essay reviews and edits
  • Interviewing skills