“A ship is always safe at shore, but that’s not what it’s built for.” – Albert Einstein

Meet the Team

Cultivating new ways of thinking and discovering different approaches are elements to expedited change.  Our multi-cultural and cross-border experiences provide us with a strong background to facilitate and advance professional renewal and innovation. We at The Talent Accelerators specialize in customized, skills based services to help companies and individuals reinvent and invent themselves to meet their goals.  Our Accelerators work with organizations, teams, and individuals to help them nurture winning attributes, enhance and expand the skills toolbox, and materialize that spark.


Clara Chow

Founder and Lead Accelerator

As a change agent, Clara's career spans helping enterprises build an innovative structure to advising entrepreneurs and diverse groups, domestically and internationally.  Drawing from her experience in organizational development, restructuring, and strategic planning, she brings key lessons from these fields to areas of managing and fostering talent.  The thrill for her is when individuals and companies discover and reach their potential.  This passion is the reason for her being honored as one of ten “Women Scientist and Engineers Making a Difference in Environmental Protection” as well as the only manager to ever receive Mentor of the Year award twice at a Federal Agency. 

Her degrees in engineering from Tufts University and Cornell University and a M.B.A. from MIT Sloan laid the foundation of how she sees challenges as avenues for growth. Along with being a certified facilitator, she is an keen listener which is why her coaching approach is methodical and well-grounded.



Emilie Valencia

Marketing Artist

Emilie is an serial entrepreneur.  Fluent in French and Spanish, she worked with several international companies.  Her expertise and working knowledge in marketing and branding for an array of industries, particularly in the global luxury market and retail sector, provide the insights in which she uses to help tease out “selling” attributes.  She has extensive experience in channel and business development coupled with a Bachelor in Psychology as well as a Master of Management.  This enables her to leverage skills and tools used in effective marketing for its application in self-promotion, personally and professionally.



David Quiroga Gomez

Social Media Guru

Complementary to David’s skills in building cohesive and collaborative teams, he is a social media master.  He understands how these platforms and a digital presence can advance one’s professional pathway.  Possessing a degree in Public Relations and tons of experience in outreach, he uses that know-how to parlay it into ways an individual or company can present a meaningful message and impression in order to create and enhance an identity.  The right method of communication can strengthen not only teams but also showcase an individual and company’s abilities and achievements.  There are many avenues to help reach one’s potential, especially for entrepreneurs; being digital is an important one.